We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated scaffolding inspectors utilising our extensive skills and knowledge of the scaffolding industry available for both onshore and offshore contracts.
We can carry out independent regular weekly scaffolding inspections direct for the client or the scaffolding contractor.

in order to comply with Regulation 12 of the work at height regulations 2005, scaffolding must be inspected before use, every 7 days, and after any event likely to have affected its strength or stability and after any substantial addition, dismantling or other alteration.

Once the scaffold structure has been inspected and handed over to the client it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that mandatory inspections are performed in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.
It is the duty of the user (the client) to ensure that the scaffold structure is used and maintained in a safe manner.
The client/user has 3 options with regards to the 7 day statutory inspections under the working at height regulations 2005.

1: Carry out the inspection themselves. (in house)
Not recommended due to lack of knowledge, experience and qualifications.

2: Have the scaffolding contractor inspect their own scaffolding.
Not recommended due to conflict of interest inspecting own jobs.

3: Have the scaffolding inspected by an independent auditor.
Call Ultimate Risk Management Ltd and rest assured you’re in safe hands.

The safest way to ensure your scaffolding is compliant with current legislation is to have it regularly inspected by a fully qualified independent scaffolding inspector. Ultimate Risk Management inspectors are highly qualified and experienced to carry out inspections on all types of scaffolding construction from basic to designed scaffolds.

Ultimate Inspection Services Includes:

  • Initial scaffolding handover inspection
  • Weekly scaffolding inspections (Statutory)
  • The Working at Height Regulations 2005 compliance
  • SG4 & TG20 compliance
  • Full inspection reports and handover certificates
  • Scaffolding audits